Cool sleeping

One of the worst things of the summer is being unable to sleep because of the heat, especially in this city where most of the buildings are made of wood. It can be highly inhumane… but don’t panic; here we have for you a few advices so you can sleep during these months with a big smile on your face…

1- Get a fan800px-Florida_by_Piotrus_075

Fans are, primarily, good looking. Now, having that one clear, they’re extremely useful to turn out the heat a bit during those arabian nights. Try to put them in a place (across an open window foe example) so you can create a cross breeze.

2- Get down

The closer you get to the floor, the fresher you’ll feel. Remember that hot air tends to go up, so don’t follow it.

3- Get cotton

It’s no secret that with natural fibers it’s easier to keep you bed fresh and cool. Check the material of your sheets, pillows and pajama (in the case you wear one…).

4- Get a wet sheet

If you go out to work or to swim, prepare you’re come back hanging a wet sheet over the window and leave it open. This is going to create a cool breeze that it will suspend the room warming during the long day. You can also do it during the night if the situation’s getting too bad.

5- Get a shower

Any kind of water helps. Cold shower, glass of water, to put your feet in a bucket with water… anything helps in order to hydrate and refresh your body.

Nice Small Talk with… Emma, the illustrator




Emma Marongiu comes from Sardinia, Italy. She has been living in Berlin for a year and a half and working for Apoio just since a month ago (welcome!). As many of us, she came here out of love, but after awhile she felt in love with someone else: the “Hauptstadt”. Then she decided to stay here and give it a shot here as an illustrator. (The illustrations published in this article are her’s 😉



APOIO: What made you decide staying in Berlin?

EMMA: I really loved the environment, from an esthetic point of view and also because you feel a quite atmosphere but underneath is boiling.

APOIO: And what don’t you like?

EMMA: The worst is the weather and that there’s no sea.

APOIO: But you have all the lakes…

EMMA: Yeah… but it’s not the same, you’ll see, I grew up by the Mediterranean, so it’s totally different.

APOIO: And what do you miss about Italy?

EMMA: Mmm, the sea…

APOIO: But nothing like cultural maybe? People always miss geographical things, but what about other things?

EMMA: Not really, because I have here so many italian friends zazie-dans-le-métroI also discovered that people from other countries are not so different  from anyone else… at the end we’re all a bit the same…

APOIO: Tell us now where do you live, tell us something about your neighborhood…

EMMA: Well I leave in Rathaus Neukölln. It is considered one of the coolest places in Berlin but I got there by accident. To be honest, at first sight I didn’t like it very much… because it’s really… noisy… and… how do you say this… ok, let’s just say noisy.

APOIO: Ok…. I’m going to write here “trashy”…


EMMA: No but, it’s because you don’t expect it to be like that in Germany, you know, like people crossing the streets with red light and being very loud and so on…

APOIO: What do you do on a typical weekend?

EMMA: I am sort of a calm person, I like to do simple things, visit some friends; I try to draw during the weekend if I’m free…

APOIO: What about Sundays? Do you like to go to parks, flohmarkts?

EMMA: One thing I really love about Berlin is the whole Flohmarkt scene because you can meet a lot of creative people, you can share experiences and find a lot of unique things…

APOIO: Any recommendations?

EMMA: The one near to Schönleinstr. By the Kanal. It’s on Saturday, really small and quite…

APOIO: By the way, how do you find to work in Apoio?

EMMA: The environment is cool; the girls that I work with are really nice, “sehr nett”- she laughs – and the best thing is that is really flexible, I really like that. It gives me the chance to do other things.

APOIO: Now to finish, about your future plans: how should be your ideal next 2 years?

EMMA: To be able to have a conversation in german – she laughs – without stopping after ten minutes. I also would like to get some commission as an illustrator, send my project to some publishers and get a job in this field.

Get some indoor plants!

by Javier Mardones

Spring is already here and it’s nice to have it back. Take this opportunity to bring it inside your apartment getting some plants and flowers.



To have plants at your place is highly recommended: it cleans the air, it moistens the environment and, basically, it looks great. But the benefits don’t stop there. Recent studies have shown that having some green at home has also a positive impact for your head, reducing stress and improving your attentiveness. This is a very important fact when it comes to people that work at home. According to the psychologist Jonathan Kaplan, having plants raise productivity and job satisfaction. So…


The options are endless: Bonsais, tulips, cactus, aloe vera or even some hydroponic tomatoes so you can also eat them in a nice salad.

Take note and check these cool places in Berlin to get plants and flowers.

  • Der Holländer, Am Treptower Park 74. Treptow.
  • Japan Bonsai, Kant Strasse 124b. Charlottenburg.
  • Gras Grün, Oranien Strasse 183 Kreuzberg.
  • Plantu, Rother Strasse 18. Friedrichshain.
  • Infarm, Glogauer Strasse 6. Kreuzberg.
  • Kaya Foundation, Schliemann Strasse 26. Prenzlauer Berg.
  • Bärbers Blumenladen, Kienitzer Strasse 119. Neukölln.